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  • Jan. 29th, 2010 at 7:12 PM
echoes: (s l a lullaby of sorts)


01. Rebel Angels by Libba Bray - ★★★★ ½ (Jan. 23)

I am so glad I reread this! It took me like, twenty days, because I was being stupid about it, but WOOOOOW! Simon Middleton is so delightful, and I really adored Tom this time around, and Pippa scared the shit out of me, and basically, it was totally awesome.

02. The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray - ★★★★★ (Jan. 26)

LIBBA BRAY PULLED OUT MY HEART AND THEN CRUSHED IT UNDERNEATH HER AMAZING WRITING SKILLZ, JESUS CHRIST. What can I say? By the end of the book, I adored everyone (even Ann!), and I found myself really loving Gemma/Kartik, and Sahirah/Fowlson, and Simon/Lucy, and FELICITY/PIPPA, OHHHH MY DAYS. Anyways, I basically spent the last one hundred pages just sobbing into my book and sticking post it notes everywhere so I can quickly flip to my favorite sections when I reread it. TOTALLY EPIC.

03. Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan - ★★★★ ½ (Jan. 29)

Awww! I was real iffy about this one at first, but GOOD LORD did I fall in love with it. Naomi, in particular. I started off wanting to slap her every other page, but through Gabriel's viewpoint and the last few chapters, my love for her became something fierce. I also really adored Ely and Bruce the Second, as well as the Robins, and Bruce the First, and BASICALLY EVERYONE. I felt this book had a very Skins-type feel; all starkly honest about unrequited love, and love in unexpected places, and when stupid things lead to huge fallouts, and how sometimes you just have to get up, grow up, and move on. Beautiful.

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan - ★★★★ ½ (Feb. 1)

Man, Rachel Cohn + David Levithan = FABULOUSNESS. I enjoyed this book a lot, a lot, and though Nick and Norah's relationship made me sigh with love, I think it was the supporting characters who really brought it for me. Tris was most definitely my favorite character, and man, I hardcore ADORE how these two authors write people like they're, well, people. No one's black and white, and they're all very, very human. I loved that their was something even semi-likable about TAL, as douchey as he was. Plus, the Dev and Nick segment about handholding and the tikkun olam scene made me CRY WITH PERFECTION. I think I preferred Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List to this one, mostly for the tremendous magic that is Ely/Bruce the Second, and Robin/Robin, but DAMN, it is a close call.

Coraline by Neil Gaiman - ★★★★★ (Feb. 1)

Ohhhhh Coraline! When I was in elementary school, Coraline was basically my HERO. Now? Still my hero. This story is so amazingly creepy, and Coraline is such a strong, and wonderful heroine for it. God, I know this is a kid's book and everything, but the Other Mother has and will always be the STUFF OF MY NIGHTMARES. Stephen King's got nothing on this book.

06. Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult - ★★★★ (Feb. 11)

This baby definitely was not one of my favorite Picoult books, but I rather enjoyed it all the same. BUT I REALLY, REALLY HATED THE ROMANTIC PLOTLINE. Gooooood, it sucked! Mostly I was shipping Hayley/Brady because they were hardcore tragic and adorable and uh, Peter/Matt because I'm delusional and was so disappointed at the lack of a gay romantic subplot that i had to make up my own. Also, I STARTED TO HATE JOSIE AFTER SHE AND PETER STOPPED BEING FRIENDS.

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett - ★★★★★ (Feb. 15)

I finally, finally got around to reading this book, propelled by my OMG NEIL GAIMAN!!!! high from seeing Coraline and dude. DUDE. SO FREAKING WONDERFUL I HAVE NO WORDS. Crowley (who I kept seeing as Matthew Goode, which was very enjoyable)! Aziraphale (who I kept seeing as Ben Whishaw because apparently my mind fights against MmmGoode staring besides any other person, ever)! ANATHEMA DEVICE (FELICITY JONES, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN)! MISPLACING THE ANTICHRIST! THE FOUR (OTHER) HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE! DEAAAAATH (possibly my favorite character?)! TOO AWESOME. SERIOUSLY, JUST TOO AWESOME.


01. License To Wed - ★★★ (Jan. 3)

John Krasinski was cute, Mandy Moore was cute, overall the movie was cute, if unremarkable.

02. In The Land of Women - ★★★★ (Jan. 4)

Adam Brody! Meg Ryan! Adam Brody AND Meg Ryan in multiple scenes making out in the rain! Plus blonde!Kristen Stewart, and the most adorably precocious kid in the history of adorably precocious kids. I felt like the characters could have been fleshed out more, but overall, I really loved it and let's face it, I'm a total ho for anything Adam Brody related.

03. The Dark Knight - ★★★★ (Jan. 4)

I liked this much better on the rewatch, that's for sure. I'm still waaaay iffy on the NO SKIN GRAFTS nonsense, and that fact that Gotham's citizens are basically the dumbest people to ever exist, but Heath Ledger completely blew me away, and Christian Bale is one sexy son of a bitch.

04. Brideshead Revisited - ★★★★★ (Jan. 19)

BEN WHISHAW AND MATTHEW GOODE, PLEASE STOP MAKING ME CRY. An absolutely gorgeous film, and Ben and Matthew had some fan-fucking-tastic chemistry. The "Almost Summer" montage is - predictably - my favorite thing in the universe, but I also loved the Venice scenes and all of Felicity Jones' stuff. I still don't like Julia, but once her hair got more tolerable, she did get a fair bit less annoying, and DAMN, I'm kind of in love with the Charles/Julia sex scene of magnificence. Emma Thompson was wonderful, but what else is new?

05. Imagine Me & You - ★★★★ ½  (Jan. 24)

ADORABLE. Lena Headey and Piper Perabo were so cute and perfect together (the little dancing scene! YOU'RE A WANKER, NUMBER NINE)! Matthew Goode's performance was also completely amazing, and basically everyone in this movie acted their little hearts out. All the characters were amazingly sympathetic, Hec especially, and the script was cleverly written and very non-cliche for the most part. Also, ANGEL COULBY, and ending on "Happy Together" is always a good thing. Also, also, WOW THIS THING WAS MADE OF GORGEOUS.

06. Shall We Dance? - ★★★★ ½ (Jan. 27)

I love this movie so much! One of my bulletproof kinks is people falling in love again after marriage, and MAAAAN did this deliver in that respect. Plus, JLo was pretty awesome and all the dancing scenes are so mesmerizing.

07. Take The Lead - ★★★ ½ (Jan. 28)

Kind of cliched, but enjoyable all the same. I'm still in love with the Antonio/Katya tango of SEX ON HARDWOOD, and the LaRhette/Jason does it for me every time.

08. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer - ★★★★ (Jan. 28)

Ben Whishaw is so amazingly captivating despite the fact that he's not conventionally attractive (but MAN ALIVE, am I attracted to him). I'm pretty sure he didn't talk for about three quarters of this movie, but dude can convey a lot with his eyes and adorable face, so it's all good. There were some slower bits in this film, but it was freaking GORGEOUS, and all the closeups of Rachel Hurd Wood's breasts, hair, and eyes, and Ben Whishaw's neck (jdfkajfkldasjfdk) really made up for it.

09. The History Boys - ★★★★ (Jan. 31)

The gay! The school uniforms! The GAY! Also, this film wins infinite points for having RUSSEL TOVEY in it. He is, surprisingly enough, my favorite character; I do not typically dig the sporty, just doing-it-for-doing-it type, but DAMN. HISTORY: IT'S JUST ONE FUCKING THING AFTER ANOTHER.

10. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - ★★★ ½ (Feb. 7)

Eh, it was OK. I wound up really loving Mrs. Lovett and Helena Bonham Carter's AWESOME, AWESOME voice, and her adorable maternal relationship with Toby (the best! Seriously! HIM KILLING SWEENEY TODD WAS WONDERFUL), and then she DIED. Hated Anthony, hated Johanna, found Sweeney Todd unsympathetic, and the special effects HILARIOUS - blood does not that splatter that way, OK - but some of the songs were nice, it was pretty the way all Tim Burton movies are pretty, and HELENA BONHAM CARTER, OMG. <3 (Also: you get to pick a new name for yourself, and you choose 'Sweeney Todd', seriously? SERIOUSLY?)

Definitely, Maybe - ★★★★ (Feb. 11)

Whhhhy did Will have to end up with April? WHY? Summer Hartley was so brilliant and gorgeous and COULD YOU SAY NO TO RACHEL WEISZ?

12. The Prestige - ★★★★ ½ (Feb. 12)

I kind of feel like this should have a lower rating, but I enjoyed it STUPID AMOUNTS, so whatever, IT IS STAYING AT FOUR AND A HALF. Things I loved: Alfred/Sarah (Rebecca Hall is so gorgeous and wonderful!), Jess, Piper Parabo as Julia, Christian Bale's character PWNing Hugh Jackman's, the crazy WTF TWIN BROTHER??? ending reveal. Things I did not: Olivia What's-her-face. Must ScarJo ruin things for EVERYONE, ALWAYS?

13. Coraline - ★★★★★ (Feb. 14)

ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. It deviated from the book a bit, which was to be expected, but it did so in a non-stupid way that made sense, so that was awesome. Also, HOLY SHIT, CAN YOU SAY GORGEOUS?

14. X-Men - ★★★★ ½ (Feb. 15)

I enjoyed this faaaaar more than I thought I would! Anna Paquin was adorable and lovely as Rogue and her relationship with Wolverine is pretty much my FAVORITE THING EVER, though I do not ship them. Giving her the dog tags! ♥ Being cute on the train! ♥ Also, I was very delighted with James Marsden as Scott Summers, and grew strangely attached to him, despite the fact that he, er, didn't really do much. Things I did not like include Halle Berry's questionable acting, and JEAN FREAKING GREY. Although then I read a fic where Jean was perfect and lovely and I adored her, so I DON'T KNOW, WHATEVER. I think my weird Jean!hate is equivalent to my Marissa Cooper!hate, or something. (Also, Xavier/Magneto is pretty much CANON, yes?)

15. X2: X-Men United - ★★★★★ (Feb. 18)

FUCK, CAN YOU SAY PERFECTION, OR WHAT? I do not dig action movies at all, but maaaan, this was so well done! I actually properly hated the main villain which almost NEVER happens (it helped that William Stryker was not morally grey a la Magneto, but morally TAR BLACK AND AN EVIL BASTARD), I cried a lot near the end, and I was actually super fond of the action scenes and didn't sit around going, 'But where is the CHARACTER/ROMANTIC DEVELOPMENT???' . And the breaking into the school? HARDCORE AWESOME. Also hardcore awesome: Magneto stopping the plane from crashing, Pyro swinging fireballs at people, Magneto BREAKING OUT OF THE PLASTIC PRISON, anything with Kurt or Storm interacting, THE DEATH OF JEAN (SOBSOBSOB), and all of Mystique's scenes. Also, I don't know if it's all the fanfic I've been reading, or whatever, but I totally fell for Jean Grey! AND THEN THEY KILLED HER. WAY TO BREAK MY HEART, MOVIE! Ship-wise, Scott/Jean OTP! RIGHT UP THERE WRESTLING WITH XAVIER/MAGNETO. I also loved Kurt/Storm - and was kinda MAJORLY BLOWN AWAY by the fact that Halle Berry seemed to remember how to act around Alan Cumming - and Iceman/Pyro. And I have to admit, Logan/Rogue is finally starting to break me down, at least as an unrequited love thing. How EXCITED was she when he came back? Awwww

Mean Girls - ★★★★★ (Feb. 27)

I am still convinced that this movie is a work of cinematic genius. Also, I want to be Regina George when I grow up.

17. Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker - ★★★★ ½ (Mar.15)

This was weirdly awesome! With the spy!movie feel, and the BRITISHNESS and bonus!Alicia Silverstone and bonus!Ewan McGregor and bonus!Sarah Bolger. Plus, GOD ALEX PETTYFER STOP BEING SO ATTRACTIVE.

18. Elizabeth: The Golden Age - ★★★★ ½ (Mar. 29)

JESUS CHRIST THIS MOVIE WAS BEYOND GORGEOUS. Cate Blanchett was wonderful and the FIERCEST, as always, and surprise!Eddie Redmayne and Abbie Cornish filled me with all sorts of glee. Also, Elizabeth/Sir Walter Raleigh FOREVER.

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