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Title: The Aftermath Of Paperclips And Partial Nudity
Fandom: Merlin RPF
Character/Pairing: Colin/Bradley, appearances by Angel, Katie, and Joe Dempsie
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~800
Summary: In which the Paperclip Incident makes stuff happen. Four separate conversations taking place during another one of those Important Meetings. Prequel-type thing to Passing Notes.
Notes: OK, so. [ profile] doompaw and I wrote this weird comment fic about Katie bullying Bradley, I discussed the repercussions of such an event with [ profile] thisissirius, and then I ran into this conversation I once had about Bradley being weird with [ profile] sophieisgod and this baby was born. YOU CAN BLAME THEM FOR THIS.

Also, while you're here: [ profile] facesofbradley (run by [ profile] thisissirius and [ profile] lonelyfajita), a comm about Bradley's Stupid Face. IT'S AS AWESOME AS IT SOUNDS, AND I LOVE IT TO A RIDICULOUS DEGREE.

Sometimes I think you were raised by Cylons. )