i can't see me loving nobody but you

  • Jan. 25th, 2009 at 4:13 PM
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I watched "Imagine Me & You" last night because [livejournal.com profile] dollsome told me to, and OH MY GOOOOOD. The story is just so enchanting and cleverly written, and though it does drift off into the land of slight cheesiness near the end, it is just so, SO, superb (and "Happy Together" - ONE OF MY FAVORITEST SONGS IN THE UNIVERSE - is the montage song at the end!).

And the acting, Jesus Christ. The cast is fantastic and while some parts make you feel like you are about to explode with GLEE, some parts hurt so much it's like they yanked your heart out of your chest and put it through a paper shredder. All the characters are so much fun and so realistic; from the main couple, Rachel and Luce (Luce is played by the incredible Lena Headey, and let me say, it is SO STRANGE to see her play a character who isn't constantly being kickass and shooting people in the face, at first, but she pulls it off INCREDIBLY), to H, Rachel's precocious and adorable little sister, to Hec, Rachel's husband (played by the amazing and drool-worthy Matthew Goode!) - which is especially lovely, since usually the antagonist in romantic comedies is a total caricature, and not sympathetic AT ALL. Everyone has wonderful chemistry, the relationships are well-formed and believable, and it's such a legitimately good movie. Also, who should show up at the end but ANGEL COULBY? Acting wonderfully Gwen-like and generally being adorable!

In addition, it is SO BEAUTIFUL. Like, full on "Notes On A Scandal" beautiful. So beautiful, that I felt the urge to picspam, and what was supposed to be a maybe 40 cap affair turned into 100+ caps. Er, oops?

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