smooth wounds from willow bark

  • Apr. 19th, 2009 at 1:27 AM
echoes: ((skins) strawberry mornings)
This picspam is not at all organized! Because I started off with like, two things so I decided not to do size coordination. JUST IGNORE THAT. Also, the entire time I was making it, I was talking to [ profile] moogle62 on G-chat about, like, everything. There is no Dollhouse in this because I wanted to make it [ profile] moogle62 friendly after yakking at her about it all day. MOOG, HURRAY UP WITH THE WATCHING SO I CAN STOP WORRYING ABOUT SPOILING YOU. The lovely Eliza Dushku was also excluded because I wound up with way too many pictures of her and I AM TIRED. But tomorrow! Eliza spam!

echoes: ((doll) with my life)
Man, 98% of the time I am way too lazy to do picspams, and then the five times a year I do do them, they're of the huge, epic, dial-up destroying variety. Anyway! In a mad fit of inspiration, I picspammed Adelle DeWitt's scenes from Dollhouse 1.09 for this month's [ profile] picspammy challenge. Making this thing really reinforced my love for Adelle by like 39432904023 billion, and I totally teared up over how amazingly soul hurty Adelle's stuff was while doing some of the color correcting (listening to Lisa Hannigan's recentish album on repeat also probably had something to do with it. And now I associate all of Sea Sew with Dollhouse). Basically, I am an overemotional loser who cares too much about fictional characters, but what else is new? Also, there's over 250 screencaps here, so I think it's safe to say that this will straight up murder your dial-up.

Could be very urgent, or it could be Topher calling to tell me that his sweater is itchy. )