i'd break the back of love for you

  • Apr. 7th, 2008 at 1:11 AM
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I watched the clip of River battling the Reavers from Serenity and it was so beautiful I had to picspam it. I cried as soon as Simon got shot. I cried while I chose caps. I cried while I colored them, and I'll probably be full on bawling by time I actually get around to watching the whole movie. Usually for picspams I try to make caps brighter and bring out hiddin color, but for this I made most of the caps darker and focused on the blue tones. For some, all you can see is River's silhouette and the light around her. And that's all you need because the scene's about light, and motion, and loss. It's beautiful that way.

Ouch I have lost myself again / Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found / Yeah I think that I might break / Lost myself again and I feel unsafe / Be my friend / Hold me, wrap me up / Unfold me / I am small / And needy / Warm me up / And breathe me )