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  • Apr. 29th, 2009 at 11:16 AM
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So [livejournal.com profile] wondygal did the original fic version of this meme, which I had been planning to do for a while, but kept putting off because it is REALLY, REALLY difficult (I still plan to do it! Eventually!). But then I saw a fanvid-inspired variation, and wanted to occupy myself while HIMYM and Gossip Girl download. I - can't imagine anyone will want to read my crazy love-fueled vid rambling, but whatever, I ENJOY TALKING ABOUT THESE THINGS.

Pick your five ten all-time favourite fanvids, the ones which made you laugh or cry or kicked you in the guts, that inspired you to offer the vidder internets and first born sons, and tell us why you loved them. Any fandom, any pairing, any genre - the only requirement is they stood out from the crowd. Also, links or it didn't happen.

Vid reccing magic! Vaguely in order of importance, but actually not really, because then it got too difficult and I got lazy. ALL OF THESE VIDS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS. )

WELL THAT WAS EXTREMELY TIME CONSUMING. But fun! If any of you decide to do this, definitely link me in the comments, so I can check it out (I have given up on checking my f-list. IT IS LIKE DROWNING). ♥
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It's for Pushing Daisies; Ned/Chuck and set to "That's How You Know" by Amy Adams. I've uploaded it on YouTube, and will upload it on MediaFire if someone wants to curl up with it in a sunny spot and take a nap it. This is my Valentine's present for you guys, and also [livejournal.com profile] futuresoon 's very, very, belated birthday gift. 

Song: That's How You Know
Artist/Band: Amy Adams
Characters: Ned & Chuck
Spoilers: through episode 1.09
Warning: none
Disclaimer: All clips & media copyright their respective owners. I own nothing. 

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Title: Can I Have A Kiss?
Pairing: Ned/Chuck
Spoilers/Warnings (if any): Up to and including 1x09: Corpsicle
Notes: Started out as a Chuck fanmix, but then it morphed into Ned/Chuck. It also starts out in chronological order, but then veers off abruptly. 13 songs are in English, 2 in Japanese, and 2 are instrumentals. It's all in one big .rar file at the bottom, but if there's only one or two songs you want, comment and I shall upload them for you. :D

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if i can't hold you, can i give you a kiss? )