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Title: This House Is On Fire
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Uther/Morgana
Spoilers/Warnings (if any): General series spoilers up to 1x12 "To Kill a King"
Notes: For all the Uther/Morgana fans on my f-list. Because I couldn't ask for a more awesome group of people to share in the colour-coded, sexylicious, clothes!porn, glove!porn, imprisoning, hate!sexing fires of the kinkiest ship on Merlin. Happy JESUS CHRIST THE FINALE IS ON SATURDAY week!


This House Is On Fire - Mediafire

01. DURAN DURAN she's too much
I'll be there when the world is coming down upon her
When she's scared, I'll be there
Fighting in her corner
I'll be there when the walls are closing to surround her
In the air as she falls with my arms around her

02. BLOC PARTY hunting for witches
The Daily Mail says the enemy's among us
Taking our women and taking our jobs
All reasonable thought is being drowned out by the non-stop baying
Baying, baying for blood

So I go hunting for witches

03. THE SUBWAYS burst
Now, feel the fire at your fingertips

You burst a lot when you smile, when you smile
I can't control myself
I'll wait forever just to see you shine
I can't control myself

04. PLACEBO post blue
Bite the hand that feeds
Tap the vein that bleeds
Down on my bended knees

I'd break the back of love for you

make damn sure
Too close, too close (How close is close enough?)
We lay, we lay together just not
Too close, too close

I just wanna bring you down so badly
(Well I trip over everything you say)
I just wanna break you down so badly
(In the worst way)

06. LOCAL H toxic
It’s getting late to give you up
I took a sip from my devil's cup
Slowly, it’s taking over me

And you had no reason to be so insolent to me
You're so pretty the way you are

You got to say it if you want to,
But you won't change me.

this house is on fire
Soon come, soon come the day
This tinderbox is gonna blow in your face
I don't have the gift of the prophecy
Telling everybody how it's gonna be
You go passing wrong for right and right for wrong
People only stand for that for just so long

eyes on fire
I’ll seek you out, flay you alive
One more word and you won’t survive
And I’m not scared of your stolen power
I see right through you any hour

10. ALANIS MORISSETTE versions of violence
These versions of violence, sometimes subtle sometimes clear
And the ones that go unnoticed still leave their mark once disappeared

11. VANESSA CARLTON paint it black
I see a red door, and I want it painted black
No colors anymore, I want them to turn black

put the law on you
Do I have to put the law on you baby, for all the wicked things you do?
Am I gonna have to put the law on you baby?
That was not what I wanted to do

13. 8MM you know
You know it has to end like this
You know that it's the only way
Bite my lip, and with the slip of your tongue
Now look how it's come undone

what have you done
Would you mind if I killed you?
Would you mind if I tried to?

Cause you have turned into my worst enemy
You carry hate that I don't feel
It's over now, what have you done?

not sorry
Keep on looking through the window again
But I'm not sorry if I do insult you
I'm sad not sorry 'bout the way that things went

And last but not least, the song that started it all, but alas, did not fit as well as I thought it would: a duet between Amber Benson and Anthony Head as the characters Tara and Giles on Buffy (COME ON, ADMIT IT - YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO HEAR UTHER SING).

Super Speshul BONUS! --> ONCE MORE WITH FEELING OST under your spell/standing (reprise)

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