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Title: Salad: The Devil's Food (Shut Up, Katie)
Fandom: Merlin RPF
Character/Pairing: Colin/Bradley, appearances by Angel and Katie
Rating: PG
Word Count: 463
Summary: Bradley hated salad. And Katie. And everyone.
Notes: Tiny drabble about Bradley hating salad that I wrote for [ profile] maz4pj's Merlin Finale Epic Spampost Party and cleaned up a bit.

Bradley hated Katie McGrath. Like, really, really hated. He should have known that when he asked her to go get him something from craft services and she didn't roll her eyes and make some jibe about his abs (which were very nice, thank you very much) that something was very, very wrong.

Salad. Salad.

"What," Katie said, smirking (Bradley had the sudden urge to smack her with the script or something, only then Katie probably would've broken his arm), "I thought you said you were hungry?"

And that was the problem really. Bradley was starving. And apparently SOMEONE (three guesses who) had bribed craft services into having nothing but salad. He stared down at the plate of cold, leafy greens morosely.

Bradley made puppy eyes at the rest of the table for sympathy but given that no one was looking at him, it didn't work too well. Angel was giving Katie a disapproving look, but wasn't actually doing anything (in fact, she was biting into an APPLE. While Bradley was clearly in terrible pain over his Salad Issues three feet away - Bradley made a mental note to put water in her shoes later as petty revenge). Colin hadn't even looked up from his script.

Katie grinned down at him. Evilly. "Well go on then, eat it."

Oh great, now she was practically daring him. And Bradley couldn't walk away from a dare. Especially one from Katie motherfucking McGrath. He picked up the fork, viciously stabbed a piece of lettuce, and stuffed it in his mouth. It tasted as flavorless and disgusting as he'd expected.

Bradley hated salad. And Katie. And everyone.

But then Colin sighed, set the script down, and pulled a chocolate bar out of the pocket of his hoodie. And instead of peeling off the wrapper and shoving it into his mouth (except not, because Colin ate chocolate really slowly so it was all melty by the time he was finished, and then Bradley usually wound up licking the melted chocolate off his fingers) like Bradley half-expected he would, he placed it on the plate of salad and gave Katie a pointed Look.

"Fine," she sighed, "Spoilsport." She reached down, picked the chocolate bar off the salad, and threw it at Bradley's face (which was just mean. Katie knew his hand-eye coordination was totally non-existent when he was Upset).

Bradley ripped the wrapper off the chocolate excitedly, and shoved the whole thing into his mouth (the chocolate that is, not the wrapper).

"I love you," he said to Colin, "I really, really love you." Except with all the chocolate in his mouth, it came out more like, "Afjdksk fjdklsldkj lfjklf. Ifdsj kdsfjlks eisdj jdslfjds ysf."

Colin rolled his eyes and picked up the script again. "Yeah," he said, "I know."

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