you dared to kiss the face of the night

  • Apr. 6th, 2028 at 7:43 PM
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adding l not adding

New entry with added bells and whistles because I was an idiot and accidentally deleted the old one. So, er, things about me!

I enjoy talking about my crazy weekends spent antagonizing Twilight fans, and things on television. I'm currently obsessed with Dollhouse, Skins, and anything remotely related to Ben Whishaw, Matthew Goode, and Felicity Jones. I like things that are pretty. I practically wrote the rulebook on Bad Shipping and am generally a Bitter Fandom Rebel about most things. Going with the flow physically pains me. I spend way too much time making fanmixes and fanvideos for things I like and even things I don't. Sometimes I write fanfiction. I think shame is vastly overrated. I inject slash into almost everything, because there is nothing more joyous than boylove. I'm either a romantic or a cynic depending on how much sleep I've gotten and the last thing I saw on TV. I ship everything with everything else and think the notion of ~soulmates~ is the dumbest thing society has ever come up with. I like analyzing relationships even though I suck at meta and tend to get overexcited and use too much capslock. I ship real people together and I like it. Incest makes things more interesting. I'm pretty sure I've forgotten what life was like before I had wireless Internet.

teavee ; battlestar galactica. buffy the vampire slayer. chuck. dexter. doctor who. firefly. friday night lights. gossip girl. grey's anatomy. house m.d. how i met your mother. lost. merlin. prison break. psych. pushing daisies. rome. skins. supernatural. the o.c. torchwood. veronica mars. the office. generation kill. top gear. oz. smallville. mad men. kings. heroes. ugly betty. dollhouse.

lit ; harry potter. lord of the rings. uglies. gemma doyle trilogy. the princess diaries. sisterhood of the traveling pants. the joy luck club. ethan frome. inkheart. a tale of two cities. little women. coraline. to kill a mockingbird. macbeth. julius caesar. twelfth night. animal farm. the crucible. the once and future king. nick & norah's infinite playlist. naomi and ely's no kiss list. the picture of dorian gray.

muzak ; natasha bedingfield. heather nova. k's choice. death cab for cutie. cute is what we aim for. jenny owen youngs. michelle featherstone. love is colder than death. the subways. imogen heap. the cranberries. taylor swift. ingrid michaelson. adrienne pierce. vanessa carlton. bif naked. 8mm. tilly and the wall. natalie merchant. missy higgins. alison krauss and union station. sara bareilles. kate nash. charlotte gainsbourg. within temptation. a fine frenzy. the pierces. lily allen. the decemberists. pj harvey. vienna teng. regina spektor. placebo. a fine frenzy.

stars ; chace crawford. leighton meester. blake lively. alex pettyfer. james callis. tricia helfer. sarah michelle gellar. freema agyeman. matthew goode. ben whishaw. felicity jones. rachel hurd wood. kaya scodelario. hannah murray. nicholas hoult. dev patel. joe dempsie. jennifer morrison. lee pace. anna friel. eliza dushku. amy acker. james marsters. juliet landau. zachary levi. jared padalecki. jensen ackles. katie cassidy. tom welling. michael rosenbaum. kristen kreuk. alyson hannigan. neil patrick harris. katie mcgrath. angel coulby. bradley james. colin morgan. the jo bros. selena gomez. demi lovato. david henrie. taylor swift. david tennant. john simm. melissa george. ellen pompeo. katherine heigl. sandra oh. summer glau. lena headey. natalie dormer. evangeline lily. zhang ziyi. julie benz. sophia myles. naoko mori. eve myles. kirsten dunst. many other people i'm surely forgetting.

Annnnd, that's pretty much it! If you like things that I like, comment to be added. ♥

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