made my blood thump 7-8-9 // gen

  • Dec. 28th, 2008 at 9:28 PM
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Annnnd now we have mix request number two! Several of these songs are in Japanese (OH JPOP), but I feel not knowing the lyrics does not detract from any awesome dancing that you might partake in. Though I am pretty sure - judging from the English bits they sing anyway ('in your body, let's get naughty, in your body, just shake your body') -  that it's all slinky, sexy stuff.

There is actually quite a lot of slinky, sexy stuff on here, because THAT IS MOSTLY WHAT I DANCE TO. But there are also songs for ridiculous flailing ("Girlfriend", I'm looking at you), so if slinking is not your thing, WORRY NOT.

Also, FUN FACT, "Buttons" is totally my secretly-filthy!Colin theme song, YES IT IS. Enjoy! ♥

made my blood thump 7-8-9
(music for dancing in your room and shaking out your new and awesome haircut :: for [ profile] sophieisgod)


CSS music is my hot, hot sex
NAMIE AMURO violet sauce (spicy)
BRITNEY SPEARS kill the lights
KATY PERRY i kissed a girl
AVRIL LAVIGNE girlfriend
I HATE KATE then you kiss
THE GOSSIP standing in the way of control (soulwax mix)
TIGRAH japanese queen
SHAKIRA objection (tango)
THE KILLS sour cherry

.zip @ mediafire

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